TBH, this is not an inspirational post. But, let’s think about it, how important this word is - PROPOSE. Many of you might have proposed to your loved one, or someone who loves you might have. Every time, there are only two outcomes - Acceptance and Rejection. Is it really just about these two possibilities?

There is an immense strong feeling of Love behind every proposal. Guys, I am talking about proposals that have real feelings to spend the rest of your life with the chosen one. Proposing someone is actually lifting the burden of hard feelings that you have all inside you. It makes you feel like achieving an accomplishment. We do hope for the best answer, tightening our belly, and staying optimistic as much as we can. So, nevertheless, the First Propose, is always exceptional! Here is someone’s first propose, which beautifully depicts a memory with each line.

“Never thought I would want to get married, But just thinking of a random person for life got me worried

Looking for girls was so stupid, When I found you I felt it was cupid

ARAI was the first meet where we shared thoughts, I wondered if you were the person I sought

Together our friendship grew stronger and closer, Are we meant to be was a poser

I always loved to be with you and never got bored, I thought I had in me bucketful of feelings stored

The most unexpected fun we had was in Teddy Boy, We both know the amount we had of joy

I know our time together you will always cherish, Never let those sweet memories ever perish

I want to take a chance this day, Ask will you be my lifetime stay?

I don’t know if this is Love or not, But I don’t want to let my feelings rot

This is the moment I want you to look into my eyes, And tell me will you be my wife??”

Never be worried about an answer. If you have got serious feelings about someone, let them know. You never know, they may already be in love with you. Rejections are part of life, get over it. Let go off the doubt, be fearless! All you got to do is ASK!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Follow me on Instagram (@writerkash); if you love my posts.