Get Fit from the Inside

Get Fit from the Inside, before you want to Get Fit on the Outside

Getting straight to the point, this is not a fitness article nor a fitness blog. I am not going to advise you on what to eat or what to not! I don’t have that expertise. It’s true that I am a fitness freak—not to a level that I hit the gym every day for two hours. It has been a couple of years since I am not even going to the gym.

A motorcycle in a forest

Time is a Privilege and not an Obligation

“Hi, can we meet?” “Yes, sure” “When?” “I don’t know” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Hey, can we meet this weekend?” “I have an exam” “Oh! We can meet after your exams end?” “Yes, sure”


The Pain

What is Pain?! Pain is your mom refuses to buy you a toy that you fell in love at first sight. Pain is you tried to get good grades in school and felt short for few. Pain is you graduated but still don't have a job. Pain is you have a job but your boss pisses you off even if you work harder.

A Propose

A Propose

TBH, this is not an inspirational post. But, let's think about it, how important this word is - PROPOSE. Many of you might have proposed to your loved one, or someone who loves you might have. Every time, there are only two outcomes - Acceptance and Rejection. Is it really just about these two possibilities?

Be Grateful

Be Grateful Before It's Too Late

There are many situations in our lives that completely changes the world around us. We always curse the bad situations, but forget to be grateful for the good ones. These situations can be anything, starting from small things like a fight with your best friend or stumbling to handle stress at your job.

Don't Give Up

It Matters That You Just Don't Give Up!

How many times is it that you have failed? Once? Twice? Or did you just lose the count? Life is built upon our failures. It is what most people fail to understand. Every time we would try something, does not mean we will excel at it in a single try. It is said that "who has never failed, has never tried".