There are many situations in our lives that completely changes the world around us. We always curse the bad situations, but forget to be grateful for the good ones. These situations can be anything, starting from small things like a fight with your best friend or stumbling to handle stress at your job, to big things like finding the love of your life or getting that promotion in your job you’d always dreamed of. It can be almost anything that has made you happy or sad.

Many times, we don’t appreciate a good situation or a moment, unless we come across a bad one. We feel so bad about it that we don’t even remember the good things that have happened earlier. Every single thing seems to be bad, and eventually, we start hating life.

Yes, I understand life is hard at times. But does cursing make it better? Nothing but worse will follow, and you won’t know it. Let us decide to find at least one thing you can be grateful for. Will that make a difference? It will and if not, it won’t harm anything though. Anyways, cursing life does not make it any better.

Life is all about the ups and downs. Even a heart rate falls before it rises, which technically means you are alive, isn’t it? So, what’s wrong if life does the same. It will show you the dark side to help you understand the bright side of happiness, and it will give you joy to forget your sorrows.

We are never late to blame something when things go wrong. But are we quick enough to be grateful for something good that has happened? It does not always have to be a situation to be grateful for. I will list some of the things that you can be grateful for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Job
  • Relationship
  • Your boss/manager/colleagues
  • Food that you eat
  • Water that you drink, and so on

Some of them may sound silly but think of your life without them. Unimaginable, right?

Some of you may even say, “I don’t have a job I wanted, why should I be grateful for it?” But wait and think of the situation where people don’t even have a job. Now, whose life is better? I don’t need to say.

So, stop being mean for the bad things. Find things, that you can be grateful for. Life is not hard, we make it hard. Have an attitude of gratitude!