“Hi, can we meet?”
“Yes, sure”
“I don’t know”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“Hey, can we meet this weekend?”
“I have an exam”
“Oh! We can meet after your exams end?”
“Yes, sure”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“Heya, did your exams get over?”
“Yes, a while ago!”
“Can we meet now?”
“I am busy”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I don’t know how many of you will relate to a similar conversation. I hope pretty much of you. Next time you end up in such a conversation, make sure not to ask again to meet that person. Not because they are busy, but because you value your time. As we all say—time is of the essence and it should not be wasted on someone who doesn’t value it. Know your worth and have a tiny bit of self-respect.

There are some who meet when only they have time. There are some who meet only when needed. And then there are others who make time to meet. I am sure you understood what I mean, and who are the best ones!

Why someone has no time? If you think that’s because they are busy, you are completely wrong! There is no entity as such busy. It is all about the priorities of that person. If you are not on their priority list, then they have no time for you, or they don’t want to have time for you. It is as simple as that. When I tell someone, I am busy or I have no time, I expect that person to assume he is not my priority right now. But once I line up my priorities, I make sure to get back to that person.

If someone is giving you their time, it’s a privilege and not an obligation. They are giving you the most precious commodity of their life, which they will never get back. They are not obliged to give you their time. It’s their choice to put you on their priority list, and I hope you understand how crucial this is.

I want to part this in two different situations:

When someone asks you to meet

Respect that person’s time. Realise that you are an important part of their life that they want to spend their time with you—time that cannot be recovered. If you can’t meet, deny it politely and commit a time when you can see them next time. This will not hurt that person, neither it will hurt that person’s feelings.

When you ask someone to meet

Observe if that person respects your time. Are they really excited to meet you? If they deny, do they commit some other time in the future? If they keep pushing it further, understand that they really don’t want to take out time for you. There is a moment of disappointment, but Hey! Is it really more important than your self-worth?

I personally believe in giving three chances. Giving more than that is really being silly. I leave the number of chances for you. Decide your number, of how many times you are going to ask someone to spend their time with you. But remember—Don’t lose your self-respect.

Never beg anyone to meet you. If you need to do that, they are not worth your time. Instead, invest that time in someone who really cares or loves you, or better invest it in yourself—Listen to your favourite songs, watch a movie or web series you been dying to watch for a long time, go to a place in solitude.

Spend time with your loved ones when you can. No one knows what happens next. You may be busy now, but someday someone may get busy for you. You may want to meet that person later, but will that person have time for you then? Or will they care to make time for you at that time?

Don’t forget—Karma’s a Bitch!!