How many times is it that you have failed? Once? Twice? Or did you just lose the count? Life is built upon our failures. It is what most people fail to understand. Every time we would try something, does not mean we will excel at it in a single try. It is said that “who has never failed, has never tried”.

Success is not about doing everything right. It is learning from your mistakes. It’s okay if you have failed to take a right decision or make a right choice. It is a lesson and not a failure. Learn to accept failures, that is what will keep you going.

The most common saying is “it’s not over when you are fallen down, it’s over when you don’t get back”. We learn to get back on our feet even when we are a child, struggling to walk on our feet. We fall several times, but then we never had learned walking unless we got back.

If you don’t plan to keep going, always remember why you started in first place. The strongest reason will always get you back on track. You have to achieve that one dream you always had. Not giving up is the only way to get there. This is where it matters when you just don’t give up. You will have that one thing you always wanted in your life. It will be different for everyone one of us. And it should be.

Imagine a world where everyone is chasing just one thing. It seems funny, right? This is an abundant Universe. It has unlimited ways to give what you want. The only key is not to give up ever.